Coffee Shop

Join us in comfortable surroundings for light refreshments of Coffees, Teas and daily homemade selection of cakes.

Situated within our craft gift store there are the wonderful items of our local artists and makers to enjoy whilst taking a wonderful break. A friendly face and warm welcome will always greet you.

Coffee Shop Price List:

Coffee Price
Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Dark Roast £1.25
Filter Coffee for 1* £1.70
Filter Coffee for 2* £2.50
*Choose from Sumatran; Peruvian (Decaf); Kenyan; and Espresso
Mocha £1.80
Flavoured Syrup Shots £0.50
Cup of Yorkshire Tea £1.25
Pot of Yorkshire Tea for 1 £1.40
Pot of Yorkshire Tea for 2 £2.50
Pot of Speciality** Tea for 1 £1.70
Pot of Speciality** Tea for 1 £3.00
**Speciality Teas:- Green; Earl Grey; Assam; Ceylon; & Darjeeling £1.70
Other Refreshments
Hot Chocolate £1.50
MOC35 Hot Choloate with all the trimmings £2.90
Milk £0.80
Ribena £0.50
Cans £0.90